DIVERSIFY & MULTIPLY mastermind program


STRATEGY GAMES are for fun
STRATEGY DESIGN EXPERIMENTS instead ask the real-important questions, so that you DISCOVER, DISRUPT, and DESIGN and learn about your team’s CAPACITY TO DEPLOY

Whenever did you have the chance to question, create, reject the business strategy of your business, your management even – with 9 options YOU designed to select from?

Attention please! Conformity and digital headlines are not subject of this program. You did Serious Lego Play or Design Thinking Workshops before? Some of the 6, 10 or 17 participants from your company might resonate first that the 9 BUSINESS DESIGNS are same old, same old. 
Honestly, you will land a first hit with the first business design round – promised! We run it in a real strategic-practical mode: testing, acting and planning, shaping, and reshaping are part of the 9 BUSINESS DESIGNS program as diverse opinions, conflicts and mutual understandings form the baseline of the program conduct.

Hit the mark. 9 BUSINESS DESIGNS works as follows:

  • You and your team(s) develop jointly “9” options in a holistic, explorative format
  • Together we start to read into the business strategy, check, skip or expand the options
  • Together we identify alongside the 3×3 matrix new offers and how to expand your market position
  • You explore, question, reject, observe, and design existing & new kind of market offerings
  • You get to know new target groups, customer profiles and personas and will get to know the chances to sell into communities
YOUR EXPLORATIVE JOURNEY TO 9 BUSINESS STRATEGIES – best fit for industry followers, leaders, and consultancies
  • Mode is interactive + explorative + expect instant feedback
  • Innovative and collaborative workshop format
  • Train-the-Trainer licensing format available
  • Enhanced Design Thinking element
  • Proven DVC-Ecosystems Assessment Method
  • Online and onsite mode available
  • GOOD TO KNOW: internal teams and / or mixed teams with clients, business partners welcome!

The 3-day conduct

  • Start: 
  • We kick-off with a 45-minute preparation call and meeting. Pre-existing goo-to-knows, expectations, and the workshop motto are covered. Likewise we sort out the participants and timing. 
  • Essentials:
  • 3-Days Workshop in 4 different work modes
  • 9 Business Designs assessment running DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DESIGN 
  • 1 Profiling Toolbox per company
  • 1 Playbook as E-Book for each of the participants
  • 3×3 Operational Matrix & Heatmap Assessment
  • 1 Teaming surprise
  • Optional: project plan, business case calculation