digital value creators (DVC)

We thrive business innovation for product, service, and solution businesses through digital growth channels and resilience build.

digital value creators (DVC) has in-depth knowledge of servitization, digitization, industry and cross-industry project management.
Our team offers extensive experience in process and data management, neutral technology assessments, resilience driven competence build and team development, organizational refitting and realignment, knowledge in go-to-market strategies, sustainable and network relevant business models.
Our tools and services steer the focus of your project into suitable economically and ecologically feasible paths. Our quality standards, our enthusiasm, and our local and international network are at your disposal.

Service Engineering for you

the market needs digital value creators

Founded in 2019, digital value creators (DVC) is your growth partner for products. We foster your business growth through interdisciplinary and sustainable digital services.

As digital value creators we leverage your previous investments step by step and how they influence the digital future of your company and your workforce.

We have developed an innovative service engineering process model for core products: your products become more valuable and durable (physically as well as digitally). We help you transition and repurpose products in the middle and at the end of the product life cycle.

Your sweetspot: your transformation is assured with digital value creators

  • One-stop engineering: from product to service – our toolbox for 26 industry products accompanies you

  • Social finance model: ecologically and economically tailored solutions await you

  • Resilience building and implementation: a resilient team is the foundation for a successful company and thrive your growth through Mobility Moves Minds

  • End-to-end process management: whether SAP or non-SAP, processes are mapped integratively physically, digitally and virtually

  • Demonstrable project success: we implement our know-how for you in a resource-saving and efficient manner and scale it effectively

  • Toolbox: field-tested tools and gamification facilitate your access to staff, customers and prospects.

digital value creators in comparison to classic consultancies. Egon Zehnder ranks the competency profile of digital value creators as the critical success factor for product-based and manufacturing companies. The executive and leadership recruiting specialist estimates that manufacturing companies with the management and competency profile of digital value creators are able to achieve a 26% higher margin than companies that operate without digital value creators and rely on traditional leadership training.

digital value creators (DVC)

our own journey started more than 20 years ago

Our evolution becoming a digital value creator. We reviewed our 20+-years project, growth and management expertise, our technology trajectory and product solutions management and asked ourselves:

  • Which technologies supported our former customers and which are still relevant today
  • How did our clients manage the risk of ending the dead-end-street-lock-in and ended non-decision-making – compared to competitors who suffer in the lock-in
  • How to manage the key resources of resilience: talent, energy, future thrive
  • Why do other companies remain on the short leash of management consultancies, missing out on innovative and more successful alternatives
  • What does it mean to thrive social responsibility
  • Did the marketing budget get stuck on the social and green washing track or repurposed for social corporate responsibility

digital value creators (DVC) and Winning Business Models: we have translated business case findings and strategy developments for international corporates and SMEs into a social financial business model. It increases your company’s RoI. This social finance business model sustains your social mission in terms of Daily Corporate Social Responsibility (DCSR). It generates budgets for you to set up social projects for inclusion and diversity and make social marketing financially viable and scalable. Our network offers you 10,000 verified entrepreneurial and influencer network contacts.  

The resilient enterprise – your path is a journey: we started the journey preparations with our own legacy. We built up industry and process know-how in medium-sized companies from sectors such as construction, luxury goods, education, energy management and consumer goods. Early on, it became apparent which companies had embraced resilience as a trait and competitive factor. The resilience factor showed up as an economic screwdriver at product management, organizational and operational levels. Over the years, KPIs were developed and transferred into a process model. Clients use the procedure model to strengthen industry affiliation and digital omni-presence.

And we publish the resilience travel guide for your journey: digital value creators (DVC) travel guide consists of the MOBILITY MOVES MINDS (MMM) process model and the R-Tool (Resilience Tool) – available physically as well as digitally and virtually. Test it! Companies that practice resilience are reality and best practice driven, living up for their workforce and for their benefit. Your staff and the ecosystems in which you are active will benefit from your resilience and entrepreneurial activities today as well as in the future and beyond your existence.


digital value creators (DVC)

share their seismographic sensing

„Based on our knowledge and experience, we develop products and services for our customers: consistently sustainable, social, digital. We design services for and with products.

Market positions are specifically evaluated and bundled in networks. The resilience factor evaluates the condition framework and deployment options so that companies become system-relevant service providers.

Herein, we strengthen the future viability of our customers – in your local context and in the ecosystems of the world.”

digital value creators – the DVC team


digital value creators (DVC)

face stormy times with resilience and an intuitively innovative mindset

Entrepreneurial resilience is your guarantee for growth – it shows in actions that are oriented to reality, demanded by your workforce and shared benefits. Ecosystems in which you are active will benefit from your resilience and entrepreneurial action today as well as in the future and beyond your existence.

digital value creators (DVC) researches, executes and deploys resilience project collaboratively with you:

  • Under the leadership of digital value creators (DVC), 20 entrepreneurs, executives and designers have participated in researching resilience in companies under the umbrella brand Mobility Moves Minds. The international project is one of its kind: the triple mobility physical, digital, mental is a groundbreaking asset for companies to act for the future. 
  • DVC is partner of #HomelessEntrepreneur and Winning Business Models: together we designed a viable social financial business model for turning Social Corporate Responsibility into a growth asset.
  • Together with Detecon Alpine we thrive the common goal of making companies more resilient and future-proof and making the Mobility Moves Minds method accessible to all market participants. Check out our seminar series at https://www.barbara-fluegge.com/r-tool. 
  • We are founding member of WomenH2H Community educating women and diverse teams about digitization knowhow, market growth and market mechanisms.
  • We are member of the Deutsche Digitale Beiräte, the German Digital Board Members. We are the translators from digital to practical and ensure that your business is experiencing digital growth opportunities. We do act as board members and advisors to board members. We haven availability for 2-3 mandates.

We partner for social-sustainable business futures.


digital value creators (DVC)

work in a collaborative and inclusive mode

The core team of digital value creators (DVC) offers you extensive, industry-specific and cross-industry know-how. We are experienced in leadership, technical and special tasks in startups, medium-sized companies and corporate structures.

Our specialists and our international network classify product, service and business models and events for you in the international and local context. Your teams gain access to market participants and local knowledge through our channels.

Our internationally based experts provide the street and the trend mood in markets, industries, SMEs and corporate projects. Based on our resilience scouting and the KPI method, clients receive company-specific recommendations for action.

we advocate for diverse ways of doing things

In our and your business context, we help you transform through inclusive acting, products and service innovation. digital value creators (DVC) lives diversity and acts in a diverse manner, onsite, online, digitally and in our own and foreign ecosystems and cultures:

  • Andrea is our design expert and versatile in any medium.
  • Timon is our education and methodology expert.
  • Iris is our expert in sustainability regulation and networking matters.
  • Barbara is our digitization and deployment expert and well-versed in service and business model innovations for industries and networks.
  • Robert implements security and strategy requirements for industries and networks.
  • Merve is our youngest member and together with Barbara is responsible for building MMM Executive and MMM Consulting.
  • Vikas is our architect and designs physical-digital solutions for the ABC Resilience tools.

We live(d) in more than 13 countries, in multi-cultural teams and call Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Serbia, India, Spain, and digital nomad hostels our home.

*MMM is our Mobility Moves Minds methodology - 3-tier mobility for 26 times success.