The risk of ending up in a one-street filled with pilots is high. Often organizations are looking into filling the white spaces as quickly as possible, rather than investigating the impact of digitization on internal and external business operations. What is your approach to consider benefits, savings, and job creation opportunities through digitization?

The innovative nature of technologies and being “in” as a test user are often more important to decision makers than evaluating the real needs of their operational and organizational setup.
The real needs of the staff often lack a voice of empowerment. In addition, business model workshops take place too early. Organizers rather phantasize about the future than take a 360° perspective and start planning the future according to what is feasible.

Our KARSE Package Diversify & Multiply executes a 360° market assessment where we look into your organization’s position in the market – today and tomorrow. The 360° assessment promotes a systemic view. It points out fields of action towards your known and unknown business partners. One of the expected results is the market entry strategy through our Network Sales.