Digitization is offering like never before a wide window of opportunity and growth for small and medium sized enterprises, for global players as well as governmental institutions in our cities and villages. The discussions these days that arise are not so much about the art of the possible, more about the missing smartness of how to adopt digitization in a more wisely manner. Information technology, machine learning, and big data analytics help us in general to get closer to our clients, business partners and consumers of our products and services: how close are you? Looking into the networks of production oriented businesses we acknowledge the advancements of Industry 4.0 and the Future Workplace. Industry experts in the field of health care, being it connected health or eHealth, work on eliminating the risk of diabetes, raising the human awareness of infectious areas and ensuring that we dedicate a certain amount of time and energy to our own personal physical and mental fitness.

Take advantage of increasing the market value of your core business with smart services! Our Knowhow-Package Service Compass and the 9 Strategies will be supporting you. You are looking for more sustainable ideas, our idea factory is one of the methods we are using as wel: contact form

In our keynotes we talk about the ECOSYSTEMS THINKING leveraging the context of organism and how they build relationships, dependencies and engage with each other – for example for commercial or governance driven services.

The DIGITAL ECOdigital ecosystem is a functional habitat that interacts through the means of digitization. The habitat consists of individual and organizational entities, organisms, infrastructure, assets, and all non-living natural and anthropological environmental factors that all interact with each other and with the environment in energetic, value, and service oriented, textual, informative, and digital cycles.