In our keynotes we talk about the ECOSYSTEMS THINKING leveraging the context of organism and how they build relationships, dependencies and engage with each other – for example for commercial or governance driven services.

You will find distinct definitions and descriptions aiming for the term DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM. Some terms also confuse ECOSYSTEM with INDUSTRY. It appears then that the term is being as a marketing like substitute of INDUSTRY rather than focusing on the synergies of personas and assets and their interactions and dependencies. Our approach is based on the synergistic effects means and tools have similar to the physical, yet ecological ecosystem. 

The DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM in our use is a functional habitat that interacts through the means of digitization. The habitat consists of individual and organizational entities, organisms, infrastructure, assets, and all non-living natural and anthropological environmental factors that all interact with each other and with the environment in energetic, value, and service oriented, textual, informative, and digital cycles.