Successfully transformed organizations show signs of significant growth. Success does not only resonate in the fields of profitability and operational excellence but also in the field of employment and jobs created. How can this be achieved?

It takes a combination of innovative ability, a sense for tomorrow’s trends and the ability to reconcile those trends and innovations with your company’s traditions. Workplace 4.0 or Future Workplace are often associated with a replacement or downsizing of the workforce. Organizations dismiss the effort to train and educate their entire staff in the field of digitization, use case and idea management. Since innovation projects take place within the framework of small strategic staff positions, the development of skills for the majority of the workforce in companies and public authorities is neglected.

The KHAAS SAFETY NETs include e.g. the definition and assignment of job profiles and skills. Where do your employees stand today compared to the competences your company needs for a sustainable digital transformation? The competence profiles are key to digital transformation projects. Our continuity management advisory service helps to apply, setup and deploy the relevant roles and responsibilities for your organization’s success. You are best prepared to continue with the competence building process. If you wish, we accompany you from the planning stage through implementation.

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