Our insights here are serving your curiosity and our wish to give you a glimplse on our core findings from our engagements. We are aiming for inspiring you with interesting thoughts and ideas.

We are proud to present our magazine zukunftsmacher. The term zukunftsmacher is German and DVC origin. It is dedicated to executives, managers and organizations that face today the demands of tomorrow and like to be prepared for the future. So that they are igniting their capabilities that are needed to prepare future opportunities now and kick them off in advance.

At February 19th 2019 we founded the boutique tools & service development company called digital value creators (DVC). Our brainchild is growing slowly and steadily. After working for strategy consulting companies, a Silicon Valley startup named Ariba and at SAP with local and international responsibilities, we offer our knowhow, expertise, network and creativity to you, being the decision makers and experts that like to drive for a better inclusive future.



Looking at the future state of a services business, the achievements above look great, right? With my help you will be scaling step by step into a circular business, so that you make use of your existing assets, talents, products, expertise, and your legacy and turn...

TechFoundHer – Recognized for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities

„I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dr. Barbara Flügge as part of SAP’s Mobility and Smart Cities initiatives. Barbara is a results-driven, well-structured, analytical thought leader. I especially remember her ability to connect the dots, to network, and her ‚can do‘...

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Our ecosystem community is growing hourly – we are now reaching more than 170.000 individuals, personalities and talents around the globe. Let us inspire you and educate you about mega trends where mega-cool go lives speak for themselves. And they speak about results. Let us empower you so that your people stay on board. Let us help you land safely while shuffling multiple distinct projects around and you are feeling to get overwhelmed.

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