Operational performance is under the spotlight in transformation and consulting projects. Companies often start investing in the wrong place: units are chosen by technological readiness instead of market need. A lot of emphasis is given on the impact of technology, use case, scope development and the pro-con-analysis take place sporadically, rarely in a systematic manner.

In our client engagement, Workplace 4.0 and Future Workplace are not equated with a replacement of the workforce. A dedicated program has been designed – at the heart of the employees. Its scalability features help the organization to prolong the efforts.

The focus is on how executives create acceptance for change and turn it into a head start for their workforce. Our use case assessment paired with competences and skill requirements helped to assess, sense, and reveal the needs of employees. We expanded the needs from company-internal (company) to event-related (events) and purpose driven (community) needs. We created a workforce canvas and deployed it in more than five teams. Through the KHAAS approach the teams started to scale now.