Compared to ecological ecosystems, man-made and structural ecosystems result from distinct motifs and have distinct, highly contextual shapes.

Motifs to form, maintain, and operate a BUSINESS MINDED ECOSYSTEM can be manifold. Being it social or value driven minded, a commercial or purpose driven background. In other contexts, ecosystems operate throughout emergency and constraint driven conditions.

Any participants – the known and unknown ones – of an ecosystems are key to make an ecosystem functioning in the present and in the future. Many obstacles could challenge the collaboration among the ecosystem participants. That is why we dedicate in the INTELLIGENT ENTERPRISE Package time as well as energy to the stakeholder analysis. Those derive critical success factors to simulate changes, risks, and opportunities.

Regardless the motif that bonds ecosystem members together, any of the members deserves a payback in value and dedication. Being a financial or symbolic value or a value in terms of saved energy for managing the private household or a value in terms of saved time and speed tickets when aiming to deliver postal parcels on time. Ecosystems we work with are company headquarters, subsidiaries, local hubs, regional centers and municipalities.