Leadership Seminars, Design Thinking, Scrum & Agile generate euphoria. But in daily business their effects fade away. Organizational empowerment is a continuous daily task. Master your uniqueness. Turn it into a network of unique competences: empower yourself and you will empower your organization, community, and private life.

How do you get access to a safety net that jumps in and protects you? Since a generic SAFETY NET does not serve your purpose,  we have created one for YOU. The program runs for 2 to 4 months. It includes competency analysis at the organizational and informal levels. We use our strategy compass. We analyze influencers and business partners. But how do involve clients and suppliers and turn them into your nodes in the safety net?

did you ever knit a fishernet? KNITTING STITCHES & WEB PATTERNS REMEDY as they are part of the SAFETY NET program
SAFETY NET for businesses

It empowers your organization and team, so that values and sustainable growth are no marketing tags. The Safety Net structure follows your needs and your challenges: fine-meshed, you as a leader allow the net to be spon with business partners, influencers and networkers for day-to-day business.

The Safety Net works in an on-off-format over a period of 2 to 4 months

  • First, we exchange about your needs and cover your asks in a get-to-know informative session. You gain insights into the conduct and the tools we work with.
  • Before your decision is made, we layout in a 2-hour-session objectives, timeline and planning details*
  • The Safety Net for businesses spans 17 Sections – 29 hours over the finally agreed timeframe.
  • It addresses your entire organization or a specific business unit for 3 to 9 participants from your company
  • The Safety Net addresses in addition a community from 300 to some 1.000 individuals
  • Maturity grows through strategic and situative tasks, group work in a daily and in a best practice driven environment and 1:1 coaching
  • The Safety Net is encorporating trends and open discourses on disruptions that challenge your operations and organizational setup
  • Role models and your positions in the market undergo the Ecosystems Assessment check 
  • Persona Profiling will be targeting your current and future customers being a product, a person, a customer group, physical and/or digital spaces and the corresponding competence profiles
  • New work or Future work will be covered in a purpose driven manner so that company and staff work jointly beyond physical, virtual and digital distances
  • Digital business processing suggestions are made based on the operational assessment and the cross-organizational analysis of your business contacts and networks
  • The Safety Net is a cross-industrial program where we encorporate an assessment of your physical and virtual offices and subsidiaries – we follow ecological, socio-technical and systems driven state-of-art principles
  • Methods and tools from digital value creators (DVC) are being applied driven by milestone and section and progres
  • Alongside the program you will be “writing” and shaping your COMPANY SAFETY NET manual. The COMPANY SAFETY NET manual comprises the Persona Profiling playbook and tool set for further use in your organization. A training license can be obtained, too.
  • *) The hours will be charged upfront – once the Safety Net is booked, you receive a credit note.
Explore our digital value creators METHODS & TOOLS
  • 7 DVC pillars of entrepreneurial resilience
  • 9 DVC Business Designs
  • 30 DVC KPIs and metrics for role model plays
  • 360° Analysis of your position in the selected markets
  • ABC Resilience
  • AI and AI-plus add-on technologies
  • Anything-as-a-Service modelling, introduction in servitization, and scalability options
  • art2business creativity technique for groups and teams
  • Business Case maths & quality checks
  • Business Modeling
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Change Management human resource development and disruption
  • Competence analysis based on MBTI, Scotsman, others
  • Dare2Share competence program
  • Digital Roadmap Design & Implementation
  • Entrepreneurial Souvereignty
  • Failure forensics with respect to scalability
  • Impact analysis
  • Innovation evaluation and management
  • Internet of Services IoS analysis, design, deployment
  • Internet of Things IoT analysis, design, deployment
  • KPI Ecosystems assessment
  • Mentoring & Business Coaching
  • Mobility Moves Minds R-Tool
  • Mobility Moves Minds R-Data
  • Mockup & Wireframe checks
  • Persona Profiling (human, non-human)
  • Project Management Quality Review
  • Process analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Resilience ABC
  • Resilience Model Management
  • Resilience Scouting
  • R-Tool
  • Robotic Process Automation RPA
  • Smart Mobility Toolset cities, regions, businesses
  • Solution Testing, Business Model & Quality Assessment
  • Strategy Assessment
  • Strategy Compass
  • Strategy Mapping Kaplan
  • Technical Implementation
  • Trendscouting & Forecasting
  • UN SDG based location and organizational performance
  • Use Case Analysis and Scenario Building